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Introduction of the SGRI Profile

Publication Date:2015-06-09

Founded in 2013, State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as SGRI) is a high-end research unit directly governed by State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), which is the first specialized agent that engaged in the key technology and equipment of smart grid.

Guided by the principle of “Initiative, Innovation, and Breakthrough”, and adhering to a spirit of “Originality, Ingenuity, Initiative, and Materialization”, SGRI is mainly engaged in fundamental, forward-looking and strategic research on the key technology related to smart grid, which include HVDC transmission, power electronics, information and communication, computing and application, new electric materials, power electronic device and application, intellisense and measurement, energy conversion and storage, etc.

Currently, SGRI has totally 6 functional departments, 1 support department, 5 research departments (HVDC Technology Department, Power Electronics Department, New Electric Materials and Microelectronics Department, Information and Communication Department, Computing and Application Department), and 2 oversea research centers (SGRI North America and SGRI Europe GmbH).

As a knowledge-intensive institution, SGRI boasts abundant talent resource. We currently have 612 employers, including 7 internationally distinguished experts who are angaged in the  “1000-Elite Program”, 6 experts who are entitled to the Government Special Allowance (GSA) of the State Council, 2 candidates who are for the “National Trans-century Talents Project”, 1 experts who are the “technological leading talent” of the State Grid, 9 experts who are the “professional leading talent” of the State Grid, 6 experts who are the “Excellent engineering experts” of the State Grid, etc. We are a strong research team of profound academic background and high innovation.

SGRI is equipped with advanced test and inspection facilities, which is a complete test system that has been constructed, and has enabled us to provide substantial support for smart grid research and project application. We are granted as “National Engineering Research Center of Transmission/Distribution and Power Saving Technology (TDPST-NERC)”, “State Energy HVDC technology and equipment R&D Center”, and “Beijing Key Laboratory for Power electronics”, etc. Among all of these facilities, the High-Power System and Electronics Laboratory and New Electrical Material Laboratory have passed the accreditation by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) as well as the China Metrology Accreditation by National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA). In the following ways such as advanced transmission control and advanced equipment core technology, transmission system and equipment test, power electronics, electric power transmission and distribution of new material, information and communication, etc, we initially constructed a comprehensive experimental system, and can effectively support key technologies in the field of scientific research and engineering application of the smart grid.

In recent years, based itself upon innovation, SGRI has reaped a series of major R&D achievements in the construction of high-power and smart grid.

In the field of HVDC: We developed China’s first ±800kV converter valve, which has been successfully applied in 4 UHVDC projects, including Jinping-Sunan project, Southern Hami-Zhengzhou, and Xiluodu-Zhexi project, etc. Moreover, lots of world’s firsts have also been created, such as the ±1100kV UHVDC prototype valve, the 1000MW/±320kV VSC-HVDC converter valve, and the ±200kV/3ms/15kA DC circuit breaker, etc.

In the field of FACTS: We delivered the world’s first set of ultra high-voltage fixed series compensator (FSC), the world’s first set of 750kV controllable shunt reactor (CSR), and the world’s first set of 500kV fault current limiter (FCL), and China’s first 500kV de-icing and static var compensation device, etc., besides, we have built China’s first high-quality power demonstration park for customers sensitive to power quality, which significantly promoted the innovation and development of flexible ac transmission technology in our country

In the field of Information and communication: We developed a new generation of information security network isolator, which effectively maintained the safe and reliable operation for unified national electric power market transaction and SGCC’s core businesses; we have developed independently an Internet security interactive platform to provide real-time monitoring of security statue and allow rapid handling of information security accidents; we have built a safety assessment standard system for industrial control system of power network, and finished the pilot test validation of Shanghai, Jiangsu and other five business system; for the first time, we proposed and developed an advanced cross-band cognitive power line carrier communication system (CC-PLC), which has reached the international leading level.

In the field of Computation and application: We developed a power in-depth search engine, which is based on cloud computing, and have successfully applied in the Grid integration system in the area of Jiangsu and other areas; we developed a power big data platform, which is based on distributed file system (DFS) and parallel computing, thus completed the application of some typical application scenario; We developed a series of prototypes related to trusted chip for use in embedded platform, computing password platform, and trusted communication system, and have successfully applied in the distribution automation system of Tangshan, Mianyang, etc. We developed a series of prototypes related to server platform trusted computing security, and have successfully applied in the  scheduling and control systems of the smart grid of Guotiao and North China.

In the field of Power electronic device and application: We successfully launched a 3300V/75A IGBT, a 1200V/150A IGBT, and a 3300V/50A SiC diode, which means a significant breakthrough in the development of the new generation power electronic device.

In the field of New electric materials: We have independently developed the R&D work on microporous fiber composite sound absorption material and new rare-earth alloy anticorrosion coating. In addition, we have also finished the study of the manufacturing technique of level T700 carboform protofilament. Huge market opportunities have been seen for the new electrical materials to be utilized in major power transmission and transformation projects.

In the field of Intellisense & measurement, energy conversion & storage: We have successfully developed a 500kV fiber optical current transformer. Currently, we are conducting research on the key technologies of sensor network, intelligent chip, new-type storage, and energy router, etc.

In future, SGRI will respond to SGCC’s ambitions of “Strong Smart Grid” and “Global Energy Internet” by vigorously carrying out fundamental research and deepening IT & Grid technology integration, strengthening based prospective studies in various fields, improving innovation ability, building a team of r&d and innovation with the international first-class standards, cultivating a batch of major achievements with internationally influence, forming a number of innovative theory, a series of international standards and original achievements, and making greater contributions for the state grid corporation of strong smart grid construction and support service in the global energy Internet building.