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World-class High-power VSC-HVDC Analogue Simulation Platform Passed Appraisal by CEC

Publication Date:2015-05-28

The high-power VSC-HVDC analogue simulation platform developed by SGRI successfully had passed the achievement appraisal organized by China Electricity Council (CEC) on May 20th.

The technicalcommittee all agreed that,The platform possesses complete intellectual property right, and the comprehensive technical performance has reached international advanced level.

Thisnovel analogue simulation platform provides an effective means for the verification of both Valve Base Controller (VBC) and Station Control of a VSC-HVDC system. Prior to its launch, great difficulty was encountered in the test of system performance and reliabilitydue to the complicacy of converter control and for lack of equivalent simulation technology.

SGRIs initiated the research as early as 2008 with the support of SGCCs science & technology programs and other national science and technology plans. A series of breakthroughs has been made in areas like theoretical equivalent analysis, method study, and technical materialization, etc. Currently, the 401-level MMC-HVDC analogue simulation platform is capable of analogue simulationfor 1000MW VSC-HVDC systemand full-function test for VBC system with up to 6000 submodules, with overall technical performance reaching international advanced level.

So far, this platform has beenutilized forShanghai Nanhuiproject and Xiamen project for the system study and control equipment full-function verification. The state-of-the-art development has opened new doors for power system simulation and taken China to a new level in the fieldof HVDC simulation.

Next, SGRI will work towards the construction of a more ambitious DC grid simulation systemin addition to the promotion of the innovative achievement, which is intended as a solid support for the development of SGCCs Strong Smart Grid.