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SGCC Chairman Liu Zhenya inspects SGRI North America

Publication Date:2015-06-30

US, June 26– SGCC Chairman Liu Zhenya, visited SGRI North America Inc (SGRI NA).in Santa Clara, USA, to inspect and provide guidance, and held a meeting with the BoD of SGRI NA, President of SGRI Teng Letian, VP of SGRI and BoD Chair of SGRI Xie Kai, and President of SGRI NA Pan Yan. The CIO of SGCC Wang Yimin Wang, Co-chair of Department of International Cooperation Cheng and Chief of SGCC U.S. Office Wang Zhiwei also attended the meeting.

Chairman Liu visited the SGRI North America working area firstly, besides the Smart Chip Lab and the Big Data Lab, and expressed his sympathy to the all employees. Moreover, Liu listened to the research progress of the two R&D projects, the micro-power smart chips and the smart grid big data analytics, from chief scientists and met with the R&D teams.

During the meeting, Mr Teng Letian conducted a comprehensive report about overseas work. Mr. Liu was debriefed on the recent work and progress in SGRI NA. He expressed satisfaction encouraged SGRI NA should develop in a faster pace and should go further on developing and paying much attention to company expectation, practical research and development of major technical areas, as well as focusing on the actual needs of the global energy interconnections. Focusing on strengthening the clean energy, smart grid, energy storage, and other cutting-edge information and communication technologies will enhance the competitiveness in the world industry. It is critical to establish a scientific, effective management system and mechanism, laying a solid foundation to build a World-class Grid and a World-class Enterprise.