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The SGRI successfully developed IGBT series based VSC

Publication Date:2015-07-16

In June 23rd, 2015, the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) series based Voltage Source Converter (VSC) was developed by the Smart Grid Research Institute (SGRI) of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC). It performed stably at 10kV with switching frequency of 1050Hz. The system exhibited satisfactory performance and the experiment was successful. This success symbolized that the SGRI became the second institute in the world mastering key technologies of IGBT series based VSC, and the first institute comprehensively mastering both IGBT series and Modular-Multi-level Converter (MMC) core technologies.

The serial connection of IGBT devices significantly simplifies the main circuit; reduces control complexity, and decreases the amount of components; thus compacting and lightening corresponding equipments. This technology applies satisfactorily to, for instance, offshore wind power access, urban grid renovation and other scenarios with high standards in environment, size, weight and maintenance. 

The IGBT series VSC, nevertheless, is a worldwide challenging issue. Many investigations on this topic started from the 90s of last century; however, few breakthrough has been made. With their bold innovation and hard work, the SGRI scientists comprehensively solved the problem, and the prototype performed satisfactorily. As a result, the SGRI developed the core technology of compression joint IGBT series based VSC, breaking the technical monopoly of foreign corporations in this field.

IGBT is the core component in both Flexible High-Voltage Direct Current Transmission (Flexible HVDC) and Flexible Alternate Current Transmission (FACT). At present it is deployed by either the series based method or the MMC method. The SGRI has mastered the key technologies of MMC-based VSC, and applied them in Flexible HVDC projects. (Zhou Zhou)