Main Business

Publication Date:2015-04-27

UHVDC: We are working vigorously to progress a UHVDC backbone grid and improve the operational reliability and intelligentization of UHVDC system in response to the increasing demands for ultra-large capacity and long-distance transmission, focusing on deepening the research on the key technologies of UHVDC converter valve, UHVDC field and intelligent converter station as well as mastering the core technology of developing important equipments of UHVDC.

VSC-HVDC: We invest heavily in the further research of key technologies of controlling and protecting the voltage source converter valve, the integrated design and the power capacity increase of VSC-HVDC, overhead line application and wind turbine generator access as well as the next-generation voltage source converter valve using new-type semiconductors so that a series of innovative technological achievements will take shape, aiming at the issues associated with large-scale application of renewable energy, short-circuit suppression in VSC-HVDC system, urban grid capacity expansion and reconstructure, etc.

DC grid and principal equipments: We carry out in-depth research in key technologies of DC grid structure and its fundamental theory, DC grid power flow and flow control, HVDC circuit breaker, DC current limiter, HVDC converter and DC cable and others to meet the demands of developing multi-terminal DC systems and DC power grid, constructing and interconnecting large-scale regional DC power grid, and operating cross-regional DC grid safely and efficiently.

DC system simulation: aiming at the equipments of researching the simulation ability of large-scale multi-node,application of DC system and the packaged design technique of HVDC system, we are deepening researches involving high-speed real-time digital simulation technology of multi-terminal system and DC grid,  multi-infeed DC system test technology, and bipole test technology of 1000MW-level VSC-HVDC dynamic simulation system, and others to.accomplish the construction of large-scale DC grid ditital and physical simulation platform, acquire complete simulates test ability in DC transmission field and provide substantial support for DC transmission system analysis and key electronic equipment development.